ACTT Imports the Mold Monitor to improving the quality.

Mold Monitor

Our company has introduced advanced molding auxiliary equipment - mold monitor to meet the company's development demand of high-tech products. Mold plays an important role in the process of molding production, its service life affects product cost directly. Therefore, improving the quality of mold and extending its service life are important weights to reduce costs and improve efficiency for injection molding products processing industry. But in the actual production, due to frequent replacement of molds, the expensive mold all maybe at a risk of damage as products remain or slip piece of make malposition in each cycle when equipment operates , mold monitoring protector can deal with a variety of potential risks effectively to avoid stopping to repair the mold, which reduces production cost, improves product quality and ensure delivery schedule.

Function and principle of mold monitor:

(1) Function

(2) Principle

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