Marketing Department

1.Collecting and analysis of market information
2.Planing and execution of marketing and product strategy
3.Product selling
4.Product application advisory service

Research and development department

1.Research, development, design and analysis of new products and technology
2.Design and introduction of automatic process
3.Technique supporting and advisory service
4.Building and maintenance of the patents database

Administrative department

1.Human resource planing
2.Administrative management
3.Property management
4.Planing , building ,maintenance and development of IT system
5.Planing, introduction and inprovement of quality system
6.Inspection and qualification of product and technique
7.Preservation and control of information document
8.Production management and capacity planing
9.Outsourced manufacturing and producting plan control
10.Material purchasing and storage management

Finance department

1.Finance management
2.Accounting and tax management
3.Stock affair management
4.Planing and excution of budget and reinvestment

Auditing office

1.Supporting the setting up of internal control, internal audit and management system
2.Operation audit of business, production and financial situation
3.Promote strong operation and insure the accomplishment of the internal audit target

General manager's office

Set strategy of development and operation according to the business target of board , and executing it to achieve the target.