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PN Specifications Image
900-0000-022 Cable Ass'y 3.0 REV USB A/M to USB B/M
USB Cable Series. USB A/M Type to USB A/F Type.
USB Cable Series. Charging Cable For Smartest GPS Multisport Watch Ass'y.
USB Cable Series. 6Pin Batterty Conn to Mini USB 10Pin Conn
X10-0000-038 USB A Type to USB B Type
X43-0000-078 USB A/M to Micro USB 5Pin
X00-1090-001 USB A/M to 4Pin POGO Pin Charger
USB Cable Series. USB A Plug to 18Pin Conn
USB Cable Series. USB A Type to Mini USB 5Pin Plug
X00-0700-003 Micro USB 5Pin to Micro USB 5Pin
USB Cable Series. USB A/F to 5Pin HSG
X00-0730-090 Micro USB 5Pin to USB A Type
X43-0000-071 USB A to Micro USB For Switch
X00-0020-007 Audio Jack to Mini USB 10Pin Plug
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